Monday, 1 August 2011

First signs are looking good....

Today we heard the results of our surrogate's first pregnancy test.  I  must have hit 'refresh' my inbox a hundred times this morning. 

When should we be shouting at the top of our voices "We're pregnant!" ?

Not just yet, we think.

But just between us, our 12-day Beta hCG score just came in....

...and the result is...


Dr Shivani says this means we're pregnant.  I'm not sure it has sunk in just yet. 

Sooooo excited!

(Bec, Michael & Josh, I reckon we're exactly 10 days behind you!)

I'm meeting Adam for lunch and for a big hug....


  1. Nice to see another London couple about to be fulfilled with a bundle of joy.


  2. How very exciting! We will be thinking about you and hoping for a blissful journey!