Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Some inspiration...

A couple of days ago we had the pleasure of meeting Sophie. Sophie is 9 months old and she lives with her two Dads in Sydney. (Sophie and her two Dads were in London visiting family). It was such an inspiration to meet a family that was created in just the same way we're planning. Sophie is so gorgeous.....

This made us realise that we're a bit isolated here in London. Apparently Sophie knows four families a bit like hers in Sydney. So a project for January is to find some neighbours who are in our shoes. Any suggestions welcome....

Meanwhile, our 8 week scan was completed on Monday and again, everything is normal.

Normal is our favourite word right now....

Merry Christmas All....


  1. We never knew any here in Hawaii (a male couple, anyway), and about two years ago, Bill started a job and met someone in the first week. They have two sons by surrogacy and we are good friends now. And they live right around the corner...so sometimes they're all around you and you just don't know it. :-) Good luck guys!! Happy holidays!

  2. You're not isolated... you have all of us!

  3. Love love love normal!.
    Maybe searching through a few blogs you may come across other families? - When we were @SCI in November we met a few couples from the UK.
    You're definitely not alone! :)

  4. Hi there,
    We are a friendly young couple from outer London, UK who are starting the process in may and we would love to meet others in the same situ whether ahead or behind, so hello!!!!
    Annie x