Wednesday, 25 January 2012

First Trimester Over!

Phew! We made it!

We had our 12 week scan the other day and the result: normal, normal, normal, normal, normal! What a relief.

So we decided it was time to tell our friends and families and anyone else who cares to listen. We're going to be dads!

After we had spoken to our closest friends and family we were beaming with the enthusiasm our news was greeted with. And then, just before we headed out to dinner to celebrate, Adam and I updated our Facebook pages. We must have looked a right pair, sitting at the dinner table with our mobiles in front of us as we enjoyed each and every message that came back. Everyone's support is so gratefully received - and really affirming.

Buoyed by all this enthusiasm, we're moving into phase two of saving for the big day. We're in lock-down now!


  1. Congratulations!! SO happy to hear all is normal. We are a week ahead of you guys- SHHH we didnt tell anyone yet in blogland, lol...becausde i just need time to let the dust of our past settle :)

    Support of others are always so reaffirming...cant wait to meet up for baby pick up..knock on wood :)

    Love from Jersey :)

    1. Exciting! Race you to the finish line! Are you with SCI too then?

    2. Hi, Yes we are...exciting and nervous.. have you guys started any plans or "looking" at stuff yet?

    3. Hi Mandy, we did go out looking for a pram/ car seat travel system but it was a minefield! We settled on babies first outfit! How about you?
      A & P

  2. Absolutely Fantastic! (And, um, Mandy, promise I wasn't peeking, but please let me know when I can let out a gigantic congrats for you too!)

  3. We are 3 weeks behind you but that seems a long time for us right now. Congratulations..we are so happy for you guys!!

  4. Congrats! you've made it! we've made it too! - got our 12 week 'normal'scan this week too.
    You're going to be daddy's!!

  5. Hey Guys glad you have got to twelve weeks now and everything is going well!!! CONGRATS

  6. I'm a little late on the blog reading but wanted to shout out a huge congrats! I am kind of dying to leak stuff on facebook but I've been holding back -- and we're almost 26 weeks! Soon, soon...

    Way to go guys!!!

  7. We have similar issues as you guys. I'm US citizen and my partner is UK citizen so our plan is to use my donation and get US citizenship first. Good luck.

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