Saturday 20 August 2011

Starting Again

At the moment we're having to spend more time thinking about paperwork than thinking about babies!  We realise that as well as being medically suitable, it's just as important for Brits to have a surrogate with good documents. And that's not easy in India.  After umming and ahhing for a week over a surrogate with conflicting dates of birth on her documents, we decided it just didn't feel right and said no.  And we're glad that we did because now have an alternative with great documents.  So we have to wait until after Ramadan to get started, but it seems we'll be on the way again in early September.

Fingers crossed.....

Wednesday 3 August 2011

... and then the bad news.

24 hours after our good news came the bad news.   Our surrogate had some bleeding in the night and after a scan and then an overnight wait for another blood test result, a declining Beta score tells us we had a 'chemical pregnancy' - the clinical term for a very early miscarriage.

Despite my being cautious with our news the other day, I can't tell you how gutted we are.  And with that we both now know just how badly we want this.....

Our thoughts today are with our wonderful surrogate.

Monday 1 August 2011

First signs are looking good....

Today we heard the results of our surrogate's first pregnancy test.  I  must have hit 'refresh' my inbox a hundred times this morning. 

When should we be shouting at the top of our voices "We're pregnant!" ?

Not just yet, we think.

But just between us, our 12-day Beta hCG score just came in....

...and the result is...


Dr Shivani says this means we're pregnant.  I'm not sure it has sunk in just yet. 

Sooooo excited!

(Bec, Michael & Josh, I reckon we're exactly 10 days behind you!)

I'm meeting Adam for lunch and for a big hug....