Tuesday 4 September 2012

We are home!

We made it home on August 11th and our new version of normal life has begun.  On reflection, our experience in India was a really happy one in so many ways: priceless time with our wonderful son Noah, quality time with Adam's family, rewarding time spent with the community of parents and intended parents and lastly, sufficient time to handle all the bureaucracy without getting stressed. 

Someone very wise said to me that the people who don't enjoy their experience in India are the ones who come with the aim of trying to leave in record time. They get frustrated when things take longer than expected.
I realise we are so fortunate to be Australian/British dual citizens. Unlike all the other Brits who wait at the behest of the British High Commission, we were able to side-step all of the waiting by applying for Noah's Australian passport and travelling to the UK as a visitor.  Perhaps this strategy more than anything made our trip so pleasant.

Now that we're home we've had the pleasure of introducing Noah to my family and our friends.  And we've begun to experience what everyday life is like as a family.  This is the priceless part that makes the whole journey worthwhile.  Seeing Noah's every milestone of development is such a joy.  At the weekend he smiled for me for the first time.  What a precious moment that was.

So here are a few pictures.....


We are incredibly happy right now and we wish all the wonderful people we've met along the way who are still striving to become parents the joy of family life.  Never give up on your dreams.