Thursday, 21 July 2011

Some Awesome Stats.....

- 22 eggs retrieved from our donor

- 18 eggs fertilised (4 immature)

- 12 Grade I/II embryos at day 3

- 8 embryos frozen (6-8 cells, Grade II)

- 4 embryos transferred (8 cells, Grade I) to our surrogate

- 2 possible 'Dads to be' (20 fingers & 20 toes crossed)


  1. Hi Guys
    Finally found your blog! Thanks for the sweet note and so sorry we couldn't join u for dinner on your last night, I was just so sick!
    Best Wishes
    Bec Mb and J

  2. Hey there! Just found your blog. We are excited to read about your journey as it unfolds.

    Chad and Douglas