Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Minor Hiccups?

15 weeks and 2 days to go.

Wow, how did that happen? Just as things seemed to be dragging, all of a sudden things feel like they're moving fast!

We've had (we hope) minor hiccups in the last couple of weeks. First our wonderful surrogate was in hospital with a UTI. I must say, Dr Google has a wonderful bedside manner! He reassured us that there's nothing unusual in this and as long as it's caught early, everything will be fine.

And so we were relaxed for a few days until we heard that she is back in hospital again with 'abdominal pain'. I must say this vague diagnosis is much harder to deal with. But we're assured there's nothing too much to worry about. We're sending all positive thoughts and good wishes to her.

Meanwhile we really appreciate reading all the news in blogland. We're thrilled that Hayden & Scarlett seem to be doing ok and we're loving all the cute pics of Hari......


  1. it's best to say to yourself that "abdominal pain" means a bad curry. try not to worry...i know it's hard. hang in there!

    Let's hear it for Hayden and Scarlett and Hari!!! WOOHOO!

  2. Dr.Google can be so kind. Hoping the abdominal pain is due to Doug & Bills curry or just your surrogates body adjusting to a bigger baby : )

  3. Hi Guys, the worrying never stops, I still worry about Josh and he's 13 now! LOL! But seriously I had UTI's....yes more than once and I can tell you their are many weird and wonderful things that happen such as tummy pain. Sometimes it's due to stretching, sometimes a nerve is being tormented and sometimes no one has any idea. Hope you get some good news quickly to calm your worry!

    1. Thanks, that's the best advice....everything going well again for now...

      We're thrilled that you're past the 12 week hurdle.


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  5. Hi Adam and Philip

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