Monday 18 June 2012

Nursery Pics!

So now that we've moved house, we finally have a room that's called The Nursery.  Except that it didn't look much like one.  So we've spent the last few days painting walls....

creating a cot from an unfathomable flat pack....


and decorating....



Over the weekend we had our latest scan.  We're at 34 weeks now and everything is fine except baby is in breach position right now so the next scan, just as we're due to travel, will answer whether we can expect a c-section or not.

Are we supposed to be this relaxed at this stage?  I suspect not.....


  1. What a peaceful room - it looks wonderful!

  2. good job on the nursery...looks cute!

  3. this part is so much fun...and so is your baby in the nursery! Congrats on the good scan. boo for breach! Relax NOW. Everyone tells you that but make sure to do it!

  4. Ooh is that Gingerbread from M&P? - looks great. We chose that too, mainly for the fun of playing with those stickers! Only a few weeks to go, exciting! Good luck for the next scan!

  5. Thanks all, it was fun to do. (Arya, you're right - mostly Gingerbread @ M&P....)

  6. I'm very impressed with your baby nursery, it's gorgeous xxx How exciting!!