Tuesday, 26 June 2012

New Baby Training for UK Parents

Adam and I just completed a one day training course that I think is perfect for intended parents expecting via surrogacy. 
There's lots of brilliant help and advice provided to pregnant women here in the UK but not to us as we don't exactly meet the criteria!  So we had been looking for some time for a suitable course but found almost everything out there is geared towards pregnancy, birth and breast feeding. 
This course is designed for nannies and doulas.  We found it to be brilliantly practical for people with zero experience (like me!) and entirely supportive of us as future gay dads.  So with the help of an anatomically correct doll that we named Jacob, I can now bathe, change and generally nurse an inanimate doll - let's hope I can transfer these skills to the real thing.  I highly recommend it:



  1. I soooo need to look into this when we're further down the line! :) great link Thanks for sharing x ps love ur nursery pics so cute

  2. What an excellent idea, thanks for the heads up.

  3. Thats sounds great- wish I still lived in London! We are just a few weeks behind you and was wondering how you were getting on with the paperwork for immigration and passport? There is so much to think about and organise for us Brits who will be stranded there for months! X

    1. Sometimes it sucks to be British! We're lucky to hold both British and Australian passports so in theory we're hoping we can side-step the wait. But we have to wait and see whether that works in practice..... See you in Delhi I hope!